Bounty operates as a fully registered business in France. UK bookings are through our agents Carpbookings.
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Bounty Bait & Feed

Bounty Bait and Feed

When it comes to Feed we have only one concern.......our fish

Therefore we supply safe quality carp pellets and freshly prepared particles onsite. We ONLY allow Bounty Pellets and Particles to be used, please do not bring your own they are not permitted. If you have any issue with this you MUST raise this before you go. This rule applies ONLY to Feeds. You are free to bring your own hookbaits but please remember  NO SHELF LIFE Boilies, NO NUTSNO PLASTIC or FAKE baits.


Our pellets are supplied by Le Gouessant, the principal supplier to the French fish farming industry. They are specially formulated carp growing pellets with a good protein content yet not too high in oils. Our pellets are supplied as a multimix – a mixture of pellet sizes for varied break down times in your swim. Pellets are supplied in 3kg packs.


We cook and mix our own particles “fresh” on site.
Our Partimix contains a large variety of seeds, beans, pulses and hempseed and the carp just love it! Partimix is supplied in 5kg quantity in a Bounty bucket* ~ * a deposit of 10 euros is charged on buckets and refunded when buckets are returned clean.


We offer two fresh frozen “house boilies” Bounty Meat and Bounty Fruit from LOIRBAITS, a local Brit ex-pat bait maker. These baits have been used and developed over several years and the carp have a liking for them. We tweak the mix a little each season to ring the changes to ensure they keep catching!

Bait Freezers

We have a freezer available for you to store baits. There is a charge of 5 euros (per shelf) for this service. Bait bought at the venue is stored free of charge.


Bounty Boilies (fresh/frozen) –  include only the finest and freshest ingredients and are available in two tried and tested flavours: Bounty Meat and Bounty Fruit. 
These baits have been fed for 5 seasons and are well established and CATCH!

TRUST US! …..Bounty’s “House boilies” catch!

  1kg 5kgs 10kgs
Bounty Meat 11 Euros 53 Euros 100 Euros
Bounty Fruit 11 Euros 53 Euros 100 Euros
Pop-ups 6 Euros per tub


Purchase your bait & feed onsite plenty of bait and feed is kept in stock.

MultiMix Pellets  a mixture of pellets based on Le Gouessant aquaculture pellets, the principal feed used by French fish farmers for growing and conditioning carp. Multimix  includes a variety of pellet sizes which gives varied  breakdown times .

PartiMix  Our own mix of seeds, pulses, beans and Hemp which really gets the Carp going. We have been feeding this mix for two seasons now and this is now an established feed source which carp and catfish mop up avidly.

MultiMIx Pellets 3kgs 8.50 Euros
PartiMix 5kgs 8.50 Euros

Feed is supplied in clean plastic buckets. A 10 euro deposit is taken for each buckets and refunded when each bucket is returned, cleaned.

Use the form below to pre-order your bait and feed pack.

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Pre-booked BAIT & FEED packs

Great value Bait & Feed discounts when you pre-book

  Boilies Pellets or Parti Usual Price Pre-order price Saving
SILVER pack 5 kgs 5 buckets
(ideal for 1)
97 Euros 87 Euros 10.5 Euros
GOLD pack 10 kgs 10 buckets
(ideal for 2)
195 Euros 169 Euros 26 Euros 13+%

Bounty is fishing in France at its best

We cater for all, experienced carpers, novices, drive and survive, fishing & food, group exclusives, family holidays, luxury accommodation, unique “Dads and lads”  package.

Bait & Feed tips

We are often asked “ what’s the best bait to bring to Bounty?”…. Answer … None! Read on……

We have developing Bounty for about 6 years now and in that time have developed a feed and bait program that grows fish and catches fish. Our fish are in superb condition due to our careful selection of bait and feed.

Our baits and feeds are now a very established food source that the carp are used to and trust. Anglers using our bait and feed consistently catch whereas we sometimes find those visiting with a variety of new (to the lake) baits can find catching more difficult.

Now there are some great baits out there and you are welcome to bring them and use them (as long as they are “fresh” baits of course) but we are just saying …don’t ignore the food source that the fish see week in, week out, all year long!

How much to feed ? Well some weeks they are “having it” and some weeks they aren’t but typically we find that guys who feed more, catch more, simple as that. You don’t need to “fill it in” with bait but on average we would recommend about 30kgs of feed and 5kgs of boilies for a weeks fishing. We suggest about 15kgs (3 buckets) of particles to 6kgs (2 buckets) of pellets.

Bounty boilies

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