Bounty operates as a fully registered business in France. UK bookings are through our agents Carpbookings.
Bounty Lakes


Carp Fishing

Excellently conditioned, hard fighting Carp, Grass Carp and Catfish

Bounty Lakes offers the prospect of plenty of action from excellently conditioned, hard fighting Carp, Grass Carp and Catfish. In addition  we also have specimen Roach, Bream, Perch, Zander and a few Pike.

The Carp

Both lakes are well stocked with Mirror and Common Carp. Typically catch rates are good and you’ll get plenty of action from stock fish from  20lbs to high 30’s with a good chance of a 40+ carp and possibly a 50 too.

The complex record Mirror is 48lbs from Bounty 1 with the best common to date at 46lbs from Bounty 2.

Grass Carp

Bounty 2/3 has a good head of Grass carp to nearly 50lbs with the average weight now being well in excess of 30lbs. These are stunning fish and they go ballistic!, especially near the net and on the bank so please be careful.

The Catfish

Both lakes offer excellent Catfishing . Bounty 2 has a particularly good Catfish reputation among the locals and was featured in Catfish Pro’s – Passport to Catfishing, French Lakes DVD. If you want to catch a Catfish or fish for Carp with a chance of a Mega Cat then Bounty is the place!

Both lakes have Cats above 100lb, the venue’s record came out of B2 124lb.

Bounty 1 also has a good head of Cats, the average weight is similar to Bounty 2. B1 record is 108lb with many Cats over 80lb.

We allow live-baiting on both lakes although the Cats will take all types of Carp bait.


Carp up to 48lbs

Grass Carp
Grass Carp

Grass Carp to nearly 50lbs


Catfish to 124lbs

Individual Or Group Bookings available

Bounty 1 is available for booking by individual anglers or groups.
Groups up to 6 anglers can book the lake on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis (with or without the mobile home).

The Beast!

For 4 seasons many anglers have a reported an unstoppable fish which has snapped rods and smashed reels.

This fish, “la Bête” (the beast) is as yet uncaught but twice has nearly made it to the bank. It’s weight is reliably estimated to be in the 140lbs region. The first angler to bank “La Bete” will WIN a free fishing trip!

Bounty Lakes