Bounty Lakes 1

Bounty 1 - A pretty 5½ acre clay bottomed lake

Fishing is from two banks, Barn bank for up to 3 sharing and the Long bank for up to 4 sharing – maximum 6 in total on the lake. It is a natural looking lake with no “made up” swims which lends itself to great social fishing as 2 or 3 angers can bivvy together whilst still fishing their own area.

There is good access to drop off tackle on Barn bank and we provide barrows to carry tackle to the long bank.

Mobile Home Accommodation

Nestling in a corner of Bounty 1 is our comfortable 35ft x 12ft Mobile Home. This offers plush accommodation with 3 bedrooms, bathroom, well equipped kitchen, dining area and a comfortable lounge with Sky TV. This is perfect for fishing families and for non fishing wives, girlfriends or children who want some home comforts.

The Mobile occupies a secluded position with its own garden and a double swim in addition to your booked swim.

Individual Or Group Bookings available

Bounty 1 is available for booking by individual anglers or groups.
Groups up to 6 anglers can book the lake on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis (with or without the mobile home).

Stocked with some truly stunning carp

Well stocked with some truly stunning carp including some fully scaled mirrors, heavily scaled mirrors and a very good head of pristine commons.

The lake offers the prospect of good action plus the chance of catching some truly wonderful looking carp to almost 50lbs. We are hopeful that we may see B1’s first 50 pounds carp this year.

Bounty 1 also offers the chance of some huge Catfish

The best Cat to date is 108lbs but a bigger Cat has been seen. Bounty 1 also holds a few grass carp, Sturgeon, Pike and specimen Bream.