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Bounty Lakes

Bounty Lake 3

Bounty Lake 2

Bounty 3 - A pretty 5½ acre clay bottomed lake

Bounty 3 is NOT a separate lake, as such, but a separate area of our larger lake, Bounty 2. It is separated from the main lake area by a large island with floating ropes across the two large channels.

Bounty 3 is the north end of our main lake and is about 3 acres. It is nicely secluded and offers, fishing from two very large swims, Willows 1 and Willows 2.

Stocked with some truly stunning carp

Being a part of the main lake, B3 has a good head of Carp so a typical week should see plenty of action. Individual catches of up to 50 fish per week are common. The stock carp are mainly in the 25 to 40lbs range and you’ll have a good chance of high 30’s and 40’s. The biggest Carp to date is a 48 mirror and the biggest common 46lbs.

Bounty 3 also offers a good chance of a Grass Carp, the average being over 30lbs and going to about 50lbs.

Bounty 3 also offers the chance of some huge Catfish

We also have a very good head of specimen Cats to well over 100lbs, lake record being 118 lbs.

The Lake

Bounty B3
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Bounty 3 is booked “by the swim” not per angler.

Willows 1 and Willows 2 can each be booked for 2 or 3 anglers.

Photos from around the lake

Swim 1 Mobile Home

Bounty Lakes