Bounty operates as a fully registered business in France. UK bookings are through our agents Carpbookings.
Bounty Lakes


By commencing fishing at Le Bounty ALL anglers are deemed to have read, agreed and understood these rules, a copy of which was attached to the booking form sent to the leader of your party. The rules can also be found on the website and the latest version will be displayed in the clubhouse and will apply to all anglers.

The booking form is a legal contract between all named anglers\guests and Carpbookings.

In event of doubts or disputes, the venue manager’s decision is final.



Please pay special attention to the rules on Bait, Feed and Rigs.

Arrival & Departure

All anglers\guests must CHECK IN and CHECK OUT in the restaurant.

Access to swims is 2:00 pm.

You are not permitted to walk around the lakes until you have been given permission by a member of staff.

You need to be off the lake by 10:00 am on day of departure.

Swims are normally pre-booked but if a draw is needed it will take place at 1:00pm

The site is locked overnight and access will not be available until gates open at 8:00am (9am winter) and are locked at 8pm (6pm winter)


Bounty is a NO KILL fishery (excluding small fish caught for live or dead baits).

Bounty is a litter free zone keep your swim clean and tidy use the litter bins\bags provided.

Anyone found disposing rubbish anywhere other than in the bins\bags will be told to leave immediately without refund. Please only put rubbish in black sacks in the large dustbins.

You can only fish the lake and swim you have booked (unless agreed otherwise with the manager).

No swimming or wading is permitted except to land fish, return fish, pose for photos or to release snagged fish.

Vehicles may be taken to the swims to drop and reload tackle the driver must return the vehicle before setting up. No vehicle apart for the above reason will have access to the lake\swims, the gate will be locked.

Keep to the track and please do not drive on grass areas.

Defecating (shitting) anywhere other than the toilets will NOT be tolerated. You will be told to leave, no refund.

Dogs are allowed but they MUST be tethered and must not disturb others. Poop scoops and plastic bags must be used.

You are on holiday, by all means have a drink and enjoy yourself but don’t spoil it for others. Drunken or rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated, you will be told to leave, no refunds. Consuming your own drink\food round the restaurant\bar, terrace and garden areas is not permitted.

No fires, fireworks. BBQ’s can be used but must be on legs and ashes (cold) put in rubbish sacks.

Bait Boats are permitted but must be used ONLY in the area of your own swim. No rowing boats

The venues boat can ONLY be used with the managers permission to release snagged lines or snagged fish, a life jacket must be used.

No SHOUTING across the lake

No loud radios, TV or music. Keep lights, torches and head torches to a minimum.

Both islands are strictly OUT OF BOUNDS including the bridge, anyone found on them will be told to leave the venue immediately (no refund)

Dads & Lads (Shared swim) This is a low-cost deal to encourage youngsters to the sport, please do not abuse this deal. The junior must be 16 or under at the start date of your trip. Fishing is based upon 2 anglers sharing 1 swim with a maximum of 4 rods (one extra float rod is allowed for catching live baits). If you are found fishing with more than 4 Carp\Cat rods you will be required to pay 60 Euros for each extra rod being used. Stopping the use of extra rods will not suffice as you will have already breached the terms of this special deal. Your options will be: either pay and continue to fish extra rod(s), or leave the venue (without refund), inspections are made during the day and evening you have been warned.

Bait and Feed

ONLY particle mix and pellet supplied and prepared at the venue can be used. This rule is to safeguard our fish If you are found to be using your own you will be told to leave, no refunds……….you have been warned!

A £10 or €10 deposit is required on each feed bucket issued. This is returned when the bucket is returned clean with the lid. A water bin is provided near the shower block to wash buckets (do not use the washbasins in the cabins).

Named brand method mixes are permitted but NOT Vitalin.

Fresh/Frozen boilies only – No “Shelf Life” boilies.
No Nuts of any kind.
No Plastic Baits of any kind, even if used as a boilie stop. Pop-ups may be used.
Halibut Pellets – may only be used for hook baits.

Left overfeed and bait – MUST NOT be thrown into the lakes – Please take it home, use the waste bins\sacks or hand to managers when leaving.

Live baits – ONLY fish caught or purchased at the venue are to be used for live bait, if using dead baits only sea fish are permitted.

Fish Care

We supply cradle unhooking mats and weigh slings free. Leave yours at home you will not be permitted to use them. Cat mats are also available.

Unhooking mat and sling must be placed at the water’s edge close to your rods (not up the bank, i.e. fish are not to be carried in landing nets……EVER.

Do not leave bait attached to the hook when out of the water and leaving your swim.

No sacking or tethering any fish.

All anglers MUST have a Carp Care product such as Klinik before fishing. It is sold in the Bounty tackle shop. 5 Euros before you fish or 10 Euros if you cannot produce it at your swim.

Deliberate “marking” of fish in any way is TOTALLY prohibited.

Anybody found doing so will be told to leave immediately without refund.

All Fish are to be handled with care and respect irrespective of size & species.

When a fish is onthe unhooking mat it should be frequently soaked with FRESH water from the lake.

NEVER EVER push & pull a fish in the water. If a fish needs reviving hold the fish with 1 hand and with your other hand use it as a paddle to push water into the mouth (try to get someone to help you).

Playing fish – please keep the tip of your rod high when playing a fish, do not use side strain unless it’s 100% necessary… not bully a fish.

In open water swims, anglers should not be more than 10 metres away from their rods.

Snaggy swims – when fishing a swim with snags (B1 swims 1,3 and 4 –  B2 swims 1,7) the rod are to be *locked up and attended at all times. Braid is recommended when fishing snaggy swims due to the stretch in mono line.

It is recommended when you hook into a fish you immediately start to move backwards away from the fish, this is to take up the stretch in mono line and the bend in the rod.

*Locked up means no use of baitrunner and drag must be tight on big pit reels. Rod should point towards your rig. You must sit beside your rod at all times. Anglers should not fish from a bivvie or sleep while fishing locked up.

Landing Fish & Handling

A minimum 42” landing net (ideally you should have 2 set up for double hook ups).

Be prepared – your sling should be open and in the unhooking mat and both placed close to the waters edge near your rods.

Wet the sling\unhooking mat using the watering can using fresh water from the lake (do not store water in the watering can, it can become hot in summer and cold in winter).

Lift the fish up in your net and place on unhooking mat.

With Grass Carp remove arms from net and roll the net down tight to fish so when lifting the fish out of the water it is kept straight. NEVER CARRY FISH IN A LANDING NET.

NEVER EVER run your hands along a fish (as it will remove the protective mucus/slime). To remove weed, mud, leaves etc, use the watering can or pick them off with your fingers.

To release a fish – carry fish to the water in the sling and unhooking mat.


Retain fish in landing net in the water whilst preparing for photos (items should already be on hand). Do not take photos standing up, take them kneeling with the fish over the unhooking mat.
Anglers may enter the water to land\release or photograph fish (we prefer it), for your own protection you must wear footwear.

Tackle & Rigs

Rod limit is 3 rods (plus 1 float rod for catching live baits) – see Dads and Lads section Safe rigs only (the managers decision on what is a safe rig is final).
Leadcore and Shock Leaders are NOT permitted. (Heavy/weighted rig tube is permitted). All rigs should have quick release links (on sale in the tackle shop at Bounty)
No fixed lead rigs.
Rig tubing must be used up the line from the hook link – minimum 40cms (I6 inches).
Braid mainlines can be used for both Carp and Cat fishing with a minimum of 40cms (16 inches) rig tubing.
Minimum 18lbs breaking strain line for Carp (we recommend 22 lbs). Minimum 50lb breaking strain line\braid when fishing specifically for Cats.
Minimum 5lb tc rods when fishing specifically for Cats (Cat rods and reels can be hired). Coated braids must be used for ALL hook links.
Only Barbless hooks are permitted when fishing for Carp.
Bent Hooks and Treble Hooks are not permitted, Single hook rigs ONLY including when fishing for Cats. 
Forceps should be used to remove well-penetrated hooks followed by applying a Carp care product to the hooked area.

The Risso at the rear of B3 is ONE road only.


Please keep them clean in other words, clean up after you. A sponge is provided at each sink and each shower tray for this purpose.
Loo brushes are provided in each toilet.

Do not wash bait buckets in the showers or sinks (use the water bin outside)

Power Points - Bait Freezer – Clothes Drying Area

A shed with UK power points as well as French sockets is available for charging phones, tablets etc. free. The shed also has hooks for drying of towels etc.

A charge of 5 Euros a week is made for charging bait boat batteries.

A freezer for bait is available in the charging shed for your own frozen bait – at a charge of 5 Euros per shelf per week. This freezer must not be used for ice packs, drinks or food (if found will be removed).

The freezer is fitted with a combination lock and must be locked after use. The Shed is fitted with a combination lock and must be locked after use.

Bounty Lakes