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Bounty Lakes


Bounty Lakes are very easy to reach from all the major ferry ports

Your choice of Ferry may depend upon a number of factors, where you live, how long a drive you want in France or whether or not you get seasick. Essentially, the main crossings are either the short sea Channel crossings from Dover or the Western Channel crossings from the South Coast ports. These are usually more expensive and longer but cut driving time in France.

For those who are worried about driving in France …..don’t be. The roads are of a very high standard and there is far less traffic than in the UK. Ok, so they drive on the wrong side but you soon get used to it.

Journey times

  Ferry Hours Distance Journey Time
Dover/Dunkerke 2 332 miles 4¾ hrs
Dover/Calais 1 ¼ 305 miles 4 ½ hrs
Channel Tunnel 35 mins 303 miles 4 ½ hrs
Newhaven/Dieppe overnight 206 miles 3 ¼ hrs
Portsmouth/Le Havre overnight 162 miles 2 ½-3 hrs
Potsmouth/Caen overnight 137 miles 2½ hrs
Poole/Cherbourg 5 ½ hrs 208 miles 3 ½ hrs
Poole/St Malo 5 ½ hrs 160 miles 2 ¾ hrs

Forget The Fuss, Come By Bus..

Carp tours

Transport for groups or individuals with Paul Hunt’s Carp Tours Prices from £150 – £195 per person

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Bounty is fishing in France at its best

We cater for all, experienced carpers, novices, drive and survive, fishing & food, group exclusives, family holidays, luxury accommodation, unique “Dads and lads”  package.


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Bounty Lakes